Netflix's The Old Guard Review: Charlize Theron's Action Movie Gets Right What Very Few Do

By Celebrity News Wire on July 3, 2020

Charlize Theron, The Old Guard | Photo Credits: Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX\/","thumbnail_height":360,"thumbnail_url":"https:\/\/\/vi\/M9NjS8E_ziU\/hqdefault.jpg","thumbnail_width":480,"title":"The Old Guard | Forever Trailer | Netflix","type":"video","version":"1.0","width":480}" data-url="" data-autoplay="false" data-loop="false" data-start="0" data-fs="true" data-rel="true">

"Is this even safe?" KiKi Layne's Nile Freeman asks as she looks around a rickety Russian plane.

"Does it matter?" shrugs Charlize Theron's Andy, looking tough in a black tank top and Chet Baker-like haircut.

In a typical action movie it's a typical line -- macho, heroic bluster. But The Old Guard,


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