Mariah Carey Versus Nicki Minaj: What’s the Score? (VIDEO)

By Celebrity News Wire on January 17, 2013

We knew sparks were flying between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj long before American Idol premiered its new season on Wednesday. Now that FOX has debuted the first episode of Season 12, it’s clear this season will be as much about the battle of the divas on the judging panel, as well as the singers on the main stage.

For now, the ladies are downplaying their drama and chocking their differences up to “strong personalities.” After Wednesday’s premiere episode, it’s clear that Carey and Minaj have had trouble from the start. Whether it’s a sideways glare from Carey or a sassy swing thrown by Minaj, these ladies are keeping the feud alive.

They have battling British accents. They cringe and wince and roll their eyes while the other one is speaking. So far, the only thing these judges agree on is whom they should and shouldn’t send through to Hollywood.

Celebuzz rounded up the sometimes sharp, sometimes subtle daggers on the premiere episode. Let the games begin.

Mariah: (after catching a glimpse of Nicki’s feathered, drum major hat) “I was gonna bring my dog. We could have accessories? I didn’t know that was allowed. That’s the last thing I’m gonna say.”

Winner: Mariah

Nicki (after a contestant tells Mariah her song, “All I Want For Christmas,” is the best modern Christmas song): It sure was, wasn’t it?

Mariah: Still is darling, No. 1 last year. Seventeen years later and it’s still No. 1.

Winner: Mariah

Nicki: She’s a b***h. She’s a b***h. She’s a b***h.

Mariah: If she called me something that starts with a “B” and ends with an “itch,” I rebuke it.

Winner: Mariah

Mariah: I want to lose three pounds.

Nicki: I know how you can!

Mariah: It’s a quote from Mean Girls. If you knew Mean Girls, you would know.

Nicki: I know Mean Girls!

Mariah: Who says it? Which character?

Nicki: Not Lindsay. The other one with the blonde hair.

Mariah: What’s her name?

Winner: Mariah

Nicki (after a terrible audition from Albert Chang, Queens, N.Y.) Your range is better than Mariah’s! Did you know her range is the best range in the world? Did you know that you’re singing in front of the best range in the world?

Winner: Nicki

Mariah (after Nicki critiques a few contestants in her faux British accent): We’re not going do the British thing. Come on! You’re going to make me do it.

Nicki: If every time I do it, you do it, we’re going to have a complete problem, darling.

Winner: Nicki

Nicki (on the way out of auditions): I had to strangle one of the divas on the panel, but I won’t tell you who.

Winner: Nicki

Final Score: Mariah, 4; Nicki, 3.

Watch a quick recap of the battle above.

Looks like Round 1 went to Ms. Carey, but we’re sure Nicki will make it up when Round 2 airs Thursday at 8PM on FOX.

Who are you cheering for: Mariah or Nicki?

– Cortney Wills

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