Husband of Lindsay Lohan’s Alleged Punch Victim Was Arrested for Domestic Battery (EXCLUSIVE)

By Celebrity News Wire on December 7, 2012

It wasn’t the first time.

In an ironic twist, the woman accusing Lindsay Lohan of sucker-punching her in a New York nightclub was assaulted before her Nov. 29 incident with the trouble-prone Hollywood star.

The perpetrator this time was Tiffany Ava Mitchell‘s own husband, according to Florida police.

Celebuzz can reveal Wayne V. Stevens, then-boyfriend of Florida psychic Mitchell, 28, was arrested in Feb. 2007 for slapping her in the face because he thought she lied to him about going to church.

Stevens was arrested for simple battery outside her Fla. apartment, after the couple got into an argument, according to an arrest report from West Palm Beach Police Department.

Mitchell and Stevens had a volatile and often violent relationship, the report said.

Stevens allegedly told Mitchell, “he would not stop.”

“During the course of the argument he slapped her in the face with an opened hand,” the officer wrote.

“Mitchell said after he slapped her she tried to defend herself by fighting back. Mitchell said she told him to stop hitting her or she would call the police. Mitchell said because he would not stop she was forced to call the police.

“I also noticed her black shirt was torn in several spots, which would be consistent with some type of struggle,” the report added.

Stevens admitted to engaging in an argument, but denied he ever hit Mitchell.

Graves stated in his report, ”While speaking with Stevens his story continued to change. I was never able to get a consistent statement.”

When Stevens, 35, appeared at Palm Beach County courthouse the case was dismissed, however. Mitchell, who has hired power attorney Gloria Allred, refused to press charges against her lover.

Liz & Dick star Lohan, 26, has reportedly hired a private investigator to dig into Mitchell’s past, believing that she is trying to extort money from her following the much-publicized incident in a Chelsea nightclub.

Lohan and Mitchell reportedly got into a sparring match after the oft-rehabbed actress allegedly said, “Give me space.”

After some time passed, police have alleged things turned physical in the VIP section of hotspot Avenue — with Lohan punching Mitchell on the left side of her face.

Mitchell — who moved to New York with her husband from Florida — used to make a living from Ava’s Psychic Visions where she offered  readings and “aura cleansings” to rich locals in the wealthy Sunshine state enclave.

Florida property developer, Alfred Marulli, who sued Mitchell in 2010 after she stopped paying her $1230.41 a month lease payments in 2009, has also cast doubt on her credibility.

“She is very unreliable in my opinion,” he told Celebuzz.

“Miss Mitchell had signed a long term lease for a unit in West Palm Beach, but she wanted out so that she could move to Palm Beach to be nearer to celebrities and rich people for her psychic readings.

“We wanted her to honor her lease and eventually we settled, but I consider her to be a suspect person,” he added.

“I do not know what happened with Lindsay Lohan in New York, but we aren’t dealing with a psychic here.”

Marulli originally demanded $113,000 in payments from Mitchell, but eventually the case was settled after she agreed to pay $12,000.

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