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By Celebrity News Wire on March 29, 2013

It is time, once again, for CommentBuzz. We know it is the highlight of your week, because it is the highlight of ours, as well.

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“This is literally the greatest thing since you said you were giving away a trip to see Demi Lovato,” said no one, ever.

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Inevitably, Chris Brown and Rihanna are still a hot topic of discussion:

Have we forgiven Chris Brown?” I don’t believe it is for us as a public to forgive him. I think that is where people got it twisted. That was Rihanna’s choice and she choice to forgive him. I get their celebs and are suppose to be held to a higher standard, but at the end of the day they are human. Humans mess up. I can’t say I forgive or don’t forgive CB cause he didn’t hurt me personally. His actions were very bad, but he paid for it. The thing is I believe that one can not ask to be forgiven, whether it’s from another person or a higher power, if they can not forgive. Its that simple. Don’t go around condemning people, especially ones you don’t know, and you aint 100% yourself. Ijs - BMarie Austin

There’s a difference between being “hotheaded” and “making mistakes” and beating the living daylights out of a woman. Would someone please push him off an overpass into oncoming traffic? – cms

The Beliebers, naturally, came to Justin Bieber‘s defense after his string of bad publicity continued:

He’s a kid growing in the eyes of the entire world!!!! Allow him to be please! People and the media are gonna read meaning into every breath he takes and his every move! And maybe that neighbor is just looking for media publicity and attention! That neighbor should also be asked to state the kinda life he lived at 19!! #AllLove Xoxo – Louise

There seem to be a million versions of this story; and majority of it sounds like hearsay. “A source heard from an eyewitness”? Unnamed sources are hardly reliable. The kid is under intense scrutiny right now and it seems like everyone is taking every opportunity to rip him to shreds. Why is it headlines around the world when he’s shirtless after a concert? Who cares?! Why is that considered signs of a “breakdown”?

Sure, he got caught got smoking weed, he reacted to a pap calling him a c*nt (who had it coming!), wore a gas mask as a joke, and was short of breath at a concert. But why is the media acting like he’s shooting heroine and running over grandmothers? The absolute glee I see from commenters waiting with baited breath for him to fail, go to rehab or die (yes, die!) is unbelievable and absolutely disgusting.

To clarify, I’m an adult, not a teenybopper, and I realize this kid has made mistakes tarnishing his image. However, I just don’t think the public and media should be eagerly burning him at the stake. He makes little girls happy, he’s one of the most charitable celebrities, and he’s still a kid for Pete’s sake!

And yeah, spitting on someone is inexcusable, but honestly, all these ADULTS gleefully cheering on a “breakdown” have much deeper serious issues than Justin Bieber. – Jennifer

omg you people are blind did you not see the footage??? he did not lash out at the paps because they were taking his photo ( he is quite used to that thankyou). he was defending his right to be treated decently, the paps were verbally harrasing him give the poor kid a break he is a 19 yr old young man trying to grow leave the poor kid alone!!!!!! – Robert Fahey

But not everyone is so sympathetic:

Justin Bieber is 19 years old – he’s not an adolescent, he’s a grown man. His ‘issues’ are not pressure and fame, it’s the sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur that come with the blind adulation he receives from those who ARE adolescents. – NYJ

Nicki Minaj continues to be the most controversial judge on American Idol this season:

Nikki Manaj needs to go! She’s tactless in her criticizem of the American Idol contstants. What’s the deal with her always turning her back to Randy and staring at Keith Urban? She doesn’t clap for anybody. She needs to leave the stage (or judges box). Randy – Please DO NOT sign her up for next year, and quit commenting on the entertainment performances. They are not in compitition mode. – Lynn

Lastly, Kim Kardashian‘s maternity fashion continues to be a contentious topic:

It is not about being fat it is about dressing appropriately as a pregnant woman. She refuses to accept her pregnancy and dresses in tight pencil skirts. SO when you dress like a non pregnant woman people will critize you for trying to fit into a tight skirt and call you fat. Accept who you are …pregnant or fat dress appropriatly. Period. Also no one need to see you and your boyfriend in a porny way like the one above. Keep this for yourself. You want to be in the news but not accepting the consequences. Tooo bad. That the way it is. We all know it is about staying in the news that is why you dress the way you do and behave the way you do. So accept the critics because that is what you want really. Making a buzz hoping people will get curious and watch your show…..but it does not look like it is working, the show’s ratings are down. mboomer

I agree that Kim needs to wear less tight-fitting clothing. It’s probably not good on her stomach or the baby, and well, it doesn’t always look good either. She seems to still be in this phase of hiding her bump.. but we all know you’re pregnant so let it out. She has a name to live up to. She can’t just dress in sweats and call it a day. I like this look more than some of her other, all black lace looks. But maybe this is a bit tight. – Amanda Hittinger

“She always looks beautiful! Keep it up!” – Matthew Jahnke

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