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Texas Beauty Queen Claims Stalker Planted a Tracking Device in Her Bag

By Celebrity News Wire on May 2, 2016

Miss San Antonio USA 2013 Alexandra Ahmadi is having trouble sleeping at night. And it’s no wonder why. On April 21, a man allegedly slipped a tracking device into her purse and used it to stalk her.

The realtor was celebrating her 26th birthday at San Antonio, Texas, bar Georges Keep when she claims a flirtatious male onlooker approached her and asked for her phone num...

Justin Bieber Slammed by PETA for Petting Tiger at Dad’s Engagement Party

By Celebrity News Wire on May 2, 2016

The Biebs gone wild! Justin Bieber attended his dad Jeremy Bieber’s engagement party in Toronto on Saturday, April 30, where he angered PETA by petting a Bengal tiger.

The freshly shaved-headed pop star, 22, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself stroking the wild cat. This did not sit well with PETA, who wasted no time ...