Flashback Friday: Jeremy Renner in ‘National Lampoon’s Senior Trip’ (VIDEO)

By Celebrity News Wire on January 25, 2013

Jeremy Renner’s not (yet) a household name. He’s not a media hog, he’s not the paparazzi’s go-to guy, but he’s as big and talented an actor as they come.

Need proof?

Two Academy Award nominations, and the assimilation into two of the country’s largest action-thriller franchises in five years should do the trick.

Since Renner stepped into the spotlight with The Hurt Locker in 2008, he’s been nothing short of extraordinary. From resurrecting the Bourne character in The Bourne Legacy and joining forces with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, to his days as a bank-robbing Bostonite in The Town, he conquers the acting world with compelling, dangerous roles—and it works.

This Friday, the action-star further expands his repertoire with Hansel and Gretel—a new sadistic spin on an old tale. Set 15 years after the original story, a grown-up Hansel (Renner) and his sister, Gretel (Gemma Atherton) have become bounty hunters, on a crusade to slay witches as retribution for their past.

And if all that wasn’t enough, he’s about to assume one of the most action-packed roles in history to date—being a father!

But it wasn’t always back-flips and high-speed car chases.

Renner had a low-profile acting career back in the 1990s, beginning with a pivotal part in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.

In this 1995 classic from the empire of all slapstick comedy creations, Renner hams it up as Dags, the subversive, trouble-making druggie at Fairmont High.

When a senior class of high-school miscreants throws a party at their principal’s house—during school hours no less—they are slapped with a detention and instructed to write a letter to the President, outlining the holes in the education system. When this amuses the President, a subsequent trip to the White House ensues.

And whose brilliant idea was this reprehensible rager that started it all?

None other than rebel Renner.

Looking nothing like the clean cut, thrill-seeking star he has come to be, a young, doe-eyed, long-haired Renner shows a different, less dangerous (but equally rebellious) side.

Check out the clip above to see young Jeremy Renner’s first shot at a film career, before his 180-degree turn to full-blown action hero.