Ellen Barkin Rips 'Liars' Fox News & Tea Party

By Celebrity News Wire on November 8, 2011

Don't expect to see Ellen Barkin as a guest on Fox News anytime soon.

The Tony-winning actress, who is starring in the upcoming film "Another Happy Day," let loose her strongly held politics beliefs in a new interview with the LA Times Magazine. And, to say the least, she's not pleased with what she's seeing from some organized political groups.

"Well, we’re experiencing divisiveness in terms of our politics. Like, the Religious Right has identified themselves because of the propagandizing and illiteracy of...I don’t know...News Corp, maybe?" Barkin said. "They have identified themselves with this extremist, right-wing insurgency of a party—this Tea Party. They call it a grassroots movement. Grassroots? You’re attached to the wrong ship."

Barkin also takes issue with the cable broadcaster often tied to the Tea Party.

"The blatant lying that passes itself off as journalism. I don’t even need to get there to go mental. Can you imagine a legitimate newsperson—Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw—just lying on the news?" she asked, heating up in rhetoric. "Let alone the entertainment factor—you know, news as entertainment. And because of the enormity of the money behind that machine, they have convinced this ever-growing group of really struggling, working-class people, that these f--kers can somehow, in some way, represent them. They do not. I mean, let’s not even start, because that’ll take up a whole month if I go down that road."

Barkin has never been shy to share her political beliefs, and often in very colorful ways. She once tweeted that, "If Ann Coulter didn't have a dick...I'd call her a c*nt." Following a night of live tweeting a Republican presidential debate, she said, "G'mornin my frenz...Im still all f*cked up from debate nitemares & sh*t...dreamt Newt stuck his Mitt up my ass w/o any Santorum."

The actress also participated in the Prop 8 musical that took place earlier this fall on Broadway.

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