‘Warm Bodies’ Star Nicholas Hoult Says the Zom-Rom-Com ‘Could Have Got Ridiculous’ (VIDEO)

By Celebrity News Wire on February 1, 2013

Given the effortless charm and natural good looks of Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult – even if the latter is made up to look like a decomposing zombie – it seems like it would be easy to get audiences on board with a romantic comedy where the two of them play star-crossed lovers.

But Hoult admits that he and his collaborators faced a unique challenge bringing the story to life, since they were simultaneously trying to scare the audience, make them laugh and convince them to care about the burgeoning relationship at the heart of the film.

It could have easily got ridiculous and become a parody,” Hoult tells Celebuzz.

“I think it’s finding that right balance, which Jonathan’s really good at doing with all of his films,” he says. “It’s aware occasionally that it’s ridiculous… willing to not take itself too seriously, but at the same time giving the characters time for their relationships to grow and for the audience to care about them.”

By themselves, meanwhile, zombie movies demand a certain kind of logistical foundation – some “rules,” if you will, for the characters, and especially the undead, to obey. Hoult says that he spent a lot of time immersing himself in zombie movie mythology before giving himself over to the demands of this particular story.

“You can prepare and prepare as much as you want,” he says. “But eventually you’ve just got to give it a go and hope for the best. And it was a really fun set to work on – we had a really great actors like Teresa and Rob. That makes it easy when you’re with people you like, having fun.”

Warm Bodies opens Friday, February 1. What do you think of Hoult as a “hot zombie” – would you make out with a guy who just ate your ex-boyfriend’s brains? Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive video interview with Hoult, and then let us know what you think of him in the comments section below.

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