‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Claire Holt Talks Rebekah’s ‘Angry’ Return (Q&A)

By Celebrity News Wire on January 17, 2013

Gear up Vampire Diaries fans! Rebekah (Claire Holt) is back with a vengeance on The CW show when it returns Thursday night.

“Rebekah is really angry and looking for answers,” Holt told Celebuzz when we chatted with her about her character’s return to Mystic Falls. “I think that she goes about doing that in the way that is really the typical classic mean girl.”

“She gathers Elena [Nina Dobrev], Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Caroline [Candice Accola] in the high school and gets the answers she wants about the tattoo and the cure and Elena and Stefan’s relationship,” she continued.

Of course we should warn you, that she also threw around the words “psychological torture” and “revenge” when discussing her return. Uh-oh!

In addition to dishing on what to expect on the midseason premiere of TVD, Holt also gave us scoop about the return of Rebekah’s brother, her friendship with April (Grace Phipps) and a big change for Stefan and Rebekah’s relationship.

Celebuzz: Another Original, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), is back on “After School Special.” What can you tell us about his return to Mystic Falls?
Claire Holt: He and Rebekah sort of have a little alliance. She’s using him to help her by bringing Shane [David Alpay] to the high school. There are going to be some pretty violent results. Kol has some different motives, but right now she is using him to help her get the answers.

CB: What are Rebekah’s thoughts on the cure? Would she take it if given the opportunity?
CH: She definitely wants to find the cure. There’s always going to be that inner conflict between giving up immortality and the life of a vampire and becoming human. But, I think she wants to know what they’ve discovered since she’s been daggered and she wants to definitely go in search of it.

CB: Besides the cure, you noted that Rebekah also wants answers about Elena and Stefan’s relationship. What’s her reaction to the news?
CH: During her questioning, some really uncomfortable truths come to light and Rebekah loves that. Rebekah loves watching them both feel the pain that she feels they caused her in the past. So, it’s definitely going to be an issue and Rebekah is going to play on that. It’s sort of a messed up game of truth or dare with their feelings for each other.

CB: Is there a chance for a relationship with Stefan maybe? We hear there is a future episode where he will make it up to her when she, yet again, misses another school dance.
CH: I think their relationship is definitely going to change after this episode. They’re going to go on a journey to an island of Nova Scotia in search of the cure and the Rebekah/Stefan dynamic is definitely going to play a part on that journey. [As for the school dance,] Rebekah has always wanted to go to a school dance so there’s another disappointment for her in not being able to make it. Stefan definitely makes it up to her in some way.

CB: Rebekah’s new BFF April was the one to take the dagger out of her. What can we expect from their interactions on this episode?
CH: Rebekah is less focused on her friendship with April and more about using April. So, there will definitely be an interaction more along the lines of getting April to help her get the answers that she wants.

CB: The previews for Thursday’s episode also show Rebekah getting Tyler (Michael Trevino) involved in the situation. How does he factor in to her plan?
CH: In order to get him to the high school, she’s going to manipulate him as well. She’s going to use him as one of her pawns. It could have a violent end depending on – I don’t want to give too much stuff away, [so] I’m just going to say she uses him as part of her mind game and as a torture tactic.

CB: Though she spends much of the episode going after Elena, Stefan and Caroline, wouldn’t Rebekah rather go after Klaus, who betrayed her yet again?
CH: I think she really wants to take down Klaus. But at this point in order to get the answers that she needs, she has to use Stefan, Elena and Caroline. Klaus and Rebekah’s relationship is so fractured. I don’t know if it can be repaired. It would take a lot and I don’t know if Klaus is willing to give that or if Rebekah will ever forgive him.

CB: The April 25th episode of the show will serve as a backdoor pilot for a possible spin off about the originals with Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley). Have you been approached about it at all?
CH: There will be a backdoor pilot. It’s Episode 20, I think. Joseph and Phoebe are amazing actors and it’s going to be a great show. Anything can happen. I think that’s more of a question for Julie [Plec] than for myself.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8PM on The CW.

Are you excited for Rebekah’s return? Would you like to see her and Stefan together now that Elena is “in love” with Damon? Tell us in the comments below!

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