‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Alliances, Clashes and Shane’s Plan Revealed

By Celebrity News Wire on February 7, 2013

This Thursday’s episode of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries told quite the tale.

A mythology-heavy hour, “Into the Wild” sent most of the gang to an island off of Nova Scotia to teach us the story of Silas, the cure and the how and why of Professor Shane’s (David Alpay) quest. The episode also brought about an interesting alliance and a new hunter.

Most importantly though, it brought back Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) as they dealt with a locked up Klaus.

Note: Spoilers ahead on Thursday’s episode, “Into the Wild.”

Silas and the very confusing tale of the cure. This episode delved deep into the cure’s creation as well as Silas and Shane’s stories and truthfully, it made me so confused my head hurt. So here goes nothing… Qestivah created the cure for immorality hoping Silas would take it and join her but when she found out he planned to use this spell on someone else, she was devastated and buried him alive instead along with the cure. Hunters were then created by her descendants so they could find him, cure him and then kill him.

So how does Shane fit in? Apparently, he had a wife who was a witch and a son who died. And when his son died accidently, she did all she could to bring him back, but she ended up dying in the process. Having heard there was a well where you could see visions of your deceased loved ones, he tried it out and saw his wife. It was there where she told him about Silas and what he needed to do in order to bring them both back including the magic of a witch and three massacres.

“You made her into a bomb only you can dismantle.” Which is where Bonnie (Kat Graham) comes in, who Shane tells Damon (Ian Somerhalder), “Bonnie has to keep me alive so I can keep her alive.” He’s the only one who can help her use Expression without going off the deep end and therein lies the importance of both of these characters. By episode’s end, Shane had her use a locator spell on Jeremy, who his friend (Qetsivah’s son?) had kidnapped for him. And now Shane is set to go.

The never-ending saga of Elena and the Salvatores. While I know Elena (Nina Dobrev) has always been, how did Rebekah (Claire Holt) once put it, “a child who only thinks about herself,” she really got on my nerves during this episode. How many times have Elena and Damon talked about how Elena will still love him after they find the cure? Like 70 times. I’m over it and don’t scream at me Delena fans but I’m kind of over them. Or maybe it’s just I’m over them looking for the cure? Either way they’re making me nuts.

What makes a miserable life? In case you weren’t clear on the difference between the Salvatore brothers, this episode laid it out explicitly. Damon thinks life as a human is the most miserable thing on earth whereas Stefan WANTS TO BE human as “every single moment of the last 146 years has been ruled by the pain of being a vampire.”

We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.Ok, not really but Elena, Stefan and Rebekah are now firmly on the same team in the race for the cure. All three characters want to be human and with their common goal laid out, an alliance has been formed. So after Rebekah freaks out when Silas’ headstone goes missing, Elena makes an offer of peace and hands over the white oak stake. Not that she trusts the original but like she said, “we’re either in this together or it’s over for all of us.”

A new hunter in town. Damon is in for some torture next week, as a member of The Five is on the island.

Klaus’ tears. Without a doubt, Klaus was the best part of “Into the Wild.” When Morgan’s eyes well up, I get emotionally involved. He was once again a rockstar on this episode and I really enjoyed the scene with Klaus and Caroline after his standoff with Tyler forces them to have a heart to heart as she almost dies. I also loved the flicker of hope the writers gave Klaroline fans when she told him, “because I’ve caught my self wishing I could forget all the horrible things that you’ve done.” While I could never really see a relationship between them happening, it would still be pretty fantastic.

Buzz Moments:

OMG: Klaus attacking Caroline made me gasp more than once!

Thank you, TV gods.: For the return of Caroline and Tyler. I missed those crazy kids.

Awk-ward: Bonnie might as well have said, “Hi Jeremy! Let me just rub my hands on your tattoo and then talk to you about it!” An unbelievably awkward moment.

Hotness: But then again Jeremy was rocking no shirt, so I think OK with a little bit of awkwardness.

Fab-u-lous: Elena’s winter hat, which looks like North Face though I’m unsure of the brand was adorable.

Can. Not. Wait.: For the gang to find the cure, or get rid of the cure. Let’s just get this cure storyline over with or at least put into high gear.

Celebuzz (1-10): 6. While I’m sure we needed to know the mythology laid out on “Into the Wild,” Thursday’s episode was a bit aggravating and confusing, save for the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler storyline.

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What did you think about the episode? Were you just as confused as I was? What is your take on the cure? Sound off in the comments below!

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