‘Fun Size’ Star Victoria Justice: 5 Things to Know About the Nickelodeon Actress

By Celebrity News Wire on October 26, 2012

Victoria Justice is already a superstar on the teen scene, but now she’s ready to make her big screen leading lady debut in Fun Size.

In the teen flick, Justice plays a high school student who is forced to take her little brother trick-or-treating. But when she loses him, she and her friends get into a series of unfortunate events. Fun Size is also Nickelodeon’s first PG-13 movie — a slightly older demographic for Justice.

“We’re turning up the volume a little bit,” she told Celebuzz. “My favorite thing about Fun Size is that it’s not a chick-flick. It’s something that I think guys and girls can enjoy. I think it’s also a great date movie and a fun family movie, something that teenagers and young adults and people of all ages can identify with.”

From her lack of OC knowledge to her Barry Manilow obsession, here’s what you need to know about this rising star.

1. She’s never seen The OC.

Gasp! Despite starring in Josh Schwartz’s directorial debut, Justice admitted she’s never seen his landmark show, The OC. The series, which aired from 2003 to 2007, was the pop culture phenomenon that gifted viewers with one of the greatest fictional boyfriends ever, Seth Cohen (Adam Brody). If only Justice knew who that was!

“I honestly have never seen an episode of The OC,” Justice told Celebuzz. “I should have, but I never got a chance to. I did watch some of Gossip Girl! I was really into the first season because my best friend loved the show, and I got sucked into it.”

Sorry, Victoria, but Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) doesn’t hold a candle to Seth Cohen.

2. Justice has a lot in common with director Josh Schwartz.

Despite never seeing an episode of The OC, Justice and Schwartz have a lot in common. For example, when it comes to Fun Size, they’re both first-timers.

After creating some of TV’s biggest primetime teen soaps (The OC, Gossip Girl, The Carrie Diaries) Schwartz is making his feature film directorial debut with Fun Size. Sure, it has all the makings of a teen drama — cute boys, endearing nerds and pop culture jokes — but on a larger scale.

Meanwhile, Fun Size marks the Nickelodeon star’s first leading role. “He’s super funny,” Justice said of Schwartz. “He’s such a witty, fun, smart guy… He’s a super talented writer. He’s easy-going as a director and very collaborative… This is my first leading role in a big feature film, so it’s a big first for each of us. I consider him a friend of mine now.”

3. She thinks her on-screen brother, Jackson Nicoll, is a gas.

Nicoll, who played Justice’s mischievous little brother in the fun flick, was actually pretty mischievous in real life too. “On the last day of filming, he was giving everyone wrap gifts,” recalled Justice.

“And my wrap gift was one of his farts in a jar. That’s what I got, and it was hilarious!”

4. Her favorite John Hughes movie is… 

If you think Fun Size sounds like a Halloween-themed remake of 1987′s Adventures in Babysitting, think again.

“It has a little bit of that,” said Justice. “And it has a little bit of a Superbad element because they’re trying to get to a party. But it also reminds me of John Hughes’ films because it has that coming-of-age, teen angst feel in some ways. It all takes place in one night, and my character is changed for the better.”

When it comes to her favorite John Hughes classic, Justice (understandably) can’t seem to make up her mind. “I really love The Breakfast Club. I can’t get enough of that movie,” she said. “I love Pretty in Pink. Sixteen Candles is great too. I can’t decide!”

5. She’s working on a solo album (and she’s a “huge Fanilow”).

Having starred on Nickelodeon’s Victorious for three seasons, Justice has gotten the opportunity to write and record her own music for the show, but now the network star is ready to go solo — and she’s already written over 40 original songs.

“I’ve been writing all of my material since I was 16,” said Justice. “I’ve written over 40 songs that have been produced, but it’s hard to really nail me down in the studio because I’ve dedicated so much time to the show — that came first — and it was a really intense schedule. But after Fun Size comes out in theaters, I’m going to really work on finishing the album. I’m going to get back in the studio and release the first single next year.”

Having been inspired by the likes of The BeatlesSara Bareilles, and Barry Manilow — “I’m a huge Fanilow,” she gushed — what can fans expect from her debut album?

“I’m definitely not Avril Lavigne or anything,” she said. “I have a song that’s quirky and dancier, and then I have a few straight-up pop songs. I’m playing around with a lot of different genres. I make music I would want to listen to — I do whatever comes to me.”

Fun Size hits theaters this Friday. “Victorious 3.0: EVEN More Music from the Hit TV Show” — featuring an original track from Victoria Justice — hits shelves November 6.

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