‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2′: What Are Critics Saying About the Final ‘Twilight’ Film?

By Celebrity News Wire on November 16, 2012

Last weekend, Skyfall blew away audiences and critics alike as director Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig resuscitated James Bond with one of the most popular installments in the series’ history.

This week, fans get to see Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the final film in the Twilight series, which given the mixed reception of its predecessors seems destined for a Rotten Tomatoes rating that’s significantly less than 100% fresh.

Needless to say, our tickets are already bought for a primetime showing on Saturday night. But Celebuzz has rounded up a cross section of reviews and responses from critics across the country to give skeptical viewers some feedback as they’re making their ticket-buying decisions for the weekend.

Todd Gilchrist, Celebuzz:

After the plodding fan service of Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which turned 10 minutes of story into a two-hour tribute to Bella and Edward’s relationship, Part 2 moves (comparatively) briskly towards a sweeping climax that not only brings the franchise full circle but delivers a rousing adventure that should appeal even to non-fans.

Justin Chang, Variety:

With Bella reborn as a bloodthirsty, butt-kicking vampire mama, this second of two Bill Condon-directed installments clears a low bar to stand easily as the franchise’s most eventful and exciting entry.

Alison Willmore, Movieline:

As ludicrous and enjoyably over-the-top as Breaking Dawn — Part 2 can be, it’s not a terribly satisfactory capper to the Twilight franchise because it sets aside the strange undercurrents of desire and danger that defined the series and made it such a hair-tearing conundrum for feminists mystified by the appeal of its passive blank of a heroine.

Devin Faraci, Badass Digest:

In the end Twilight has defeated Bill Condon. Not that Condon didn’t put up a hell of a fight; his Breaking Dawn duology isn’t just the best of the films, they’re quite close to being actually good movies. They’re usually gorgeous, and Condon wisely pumps up the emotions to Sirk-ian levels, slipping right into high camp straight from the first frames of the film. Plus, he’s created a super brawl for the ages, one that’s as destructive, deadly and badass as any grim n’ gritty ‘Mature Readers’ superhero tussle. Heads get popped off like flowers from stems… again and again and again.

But he cannot, for all his skill and effort, overcome the essentially s**t nature of the source material. Stephenie Meyer’s imagination is so fallow, her characters so worthless, that nothing Condon does can escape the gravitational force of Twilight’s immense sh**tiness. He never stood a chance.

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter:

Although the new film builds to a massive confrontation on a wintry field between more than two dozen vampires, backed up by their hirsute werewolf allies, and the more numerous and gifted Volturi, this remains the rare popular series without any great set pieces or even memorable scenes.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

I must admit if you’re going to bring the series to a close, Part 2 does it about as well as it can be done. It must be hard for Summit Entertainment to drop the final curtain on a series that has grossed billions, but it bit the bullet, and I imagine fans will be pleased.

What do you think of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2? Let us know in the comments below. And in the meantime, check out the Celebuzz interviews with Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser.

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